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Technical Enterprises Ltd. provides multiple services for point of sale merchants primarily in the Edmonton and surrounding area. We are able to fulfill service requirements across Canada.
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Industry factors and trends

Demographic factors and trends - The world is shifting from cash and checks to electronic payments. Functioning POS terminals are the interface between the consumer and the banking networks and service technicians are at the core of the movement.

Social factors 
and trends:

Retailers must run multiple software applications simultaneously at the POS to collect customer information and build meaningful customer relationship. “Customer-centric retailing” has become the mantra of successful retailers .

Economic factors and trends

POS efficiency is king in many retail segments and speed improvements can have a significant impact on profitability. Faster checkouts raise the number of customers served per hour and lower the labor cost per hour and lower the labor cost per checkout.

Regulatory factors and trends:

Banks and larger subcontracting companies do not have the time or patience to train employees on these highly interchanging POS terminals. For this reason they prefer to subcontract work out to Technical Enterprises which is reputable, functioning and skilled.

Environment factors and trends

Increased technology demands for technicians to learn more demanding applications and software. For this reason Technical Enterprises holds meetings to familiarize and adapt to POS systems under consideration.


Increased competition and rising customer expectations will continue to drive retailers towards more customer-centric models. Flexible POS technicians will be required well into the future to meet the needs of both the banks and the retailers.

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